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  • Today we have a reason to celebrate with you! Thomas Alexander Winery is getting ready for the very first wine club shipment of the VIP wine club!
    VIP Club
    This 2011 Harvest wine club shipment will feature 6 bottles from our 2009 vintage, at the VIP member discount.
    To join the club today, please use our Secure Club Application, or contact us directly at or call us at 415-250-5925.

    Some Great Winery News:
    October 5th, 2011: Thomas Hill Organics, our favorite restaurant in Paso Robles will feature, in addition to their regular menu, a special food and Thomas Alexander wine pairing 3 course menu. The full pairing with wine will be available for about $40. Reservations should be made with Thomas Hill Organics at 805.226.5888 or contact us if you’d like us to make the reservation for you.
    November 12th, 2011: Thomas Alexander will be at the First California Garagistes Festival. This is an exceptional event that will showcase the fascinating new face of the winemaking world. Young and talented garagiste winemakers such as Tom Pitchon will be there. Most of those wines cannot be sampled anywhere else!

    Enjoy Harvest Season, see you soon!

    Tom and Helene Pitchon

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